This weekend Sneaksneak was showcased at the Rezzed Leftfield Collection in Birmingham and of course Frambosa was there to represent! And boy are we glad with the reactions we got! Our booth was constantly full and people seemed to enjoy themselves immensely! It was our first time on a actual games show and it was quite exciting and completely different from previous showcases. We are extremely grateful to all who played our game and to the fine folk at the Leftfield Collection for organizing this amazing event.




Another thing I’d like to share with you guys is a nice video of INDIGO San Francisco during GDC this year. As you might remember we were showcasing Sneaksneak there as well. This video has been online for quite a while so pardon my tardiness, but that doesn’t make it any less cool!




Post A.Maze

Earlier this week we were in Berlin for a couple of days attending A.Maze Indie Connect. It was, well, amazing. Sneaksneak didn’t win ‘The Most Amazing Indie Game In The World’ award but that was no surprise. The award went to Spaceteam which seriously is, without a doubt, the most amazing indie game of this year.


Of course, as with any indie game event, we had a ton of fun playing all the different games and socializing with all the other indies. We had a whole bunch of people play Sneaksneak and seeing how each player reacted to it was quite a treat. We even had a couple of players playthrough the entire game in one sitting! Which, depending on how well you play, will take around an hour or two.




Though in all honesty, I believe nobody enjoyed Sneaksneak quite as much as the two fans who played through the entire game twice and left us this wonderful note.




That is some heart warming, motivating and simply amazing stuff right there. Thank you May and Fidel! We will work hard not to disappoint you!

Nominated for A.Maze award

So our game Sneaksneak has been nominated for an award, and possibly the award with the best name ever. It is “The Most Amazing Indie Game 2013″ award at A.Maze Indie Connect in Berlin. We have zero hopes of actually winning but it’s great to be nominated anyway. Check here for more info on the whole shabang.




If any of you are heading out to Berlin for Indie Connect, come have a chat! We will be there the 24th,  25th and 26th.


Hope to see you there!


- Jonathan

Post GDC

We spent last week in San Francisco, taking in the sun and attending GDC. It was once again  a very inspiring, informative and above all fun experience. We’ve encountered many old friends, met new amazing people, went to many cool industry events, drove around in a limo and of course got to showcase Sneaksneak at INDIGO. Did I mention the limo?




We had many people drop by INDIGO to play our game and overall the feedback was immensely positive, which obviously makes us feel really great. We really liked hanging around there because of all the amazing games playable, the free drinks and the great people. Though to be honest it was always all about the free drinks…





We also had many people try out an early build of our unannounced mobile game and again feedback was very positive, though many had great tips on how to improve it which we took to heart.


Finally we want to thank you all who made this GDC a blast! Hope to see you again next year! Now, let’s get back to work!


- Jonathan

Hi, we have a website now

For those of you who stumbled upon this post by accident or by my unrelenting social media spamming and have no idea what Frambosa actually is I’ve got this piece of boilerplate for you:


Frambosa is a new ambitious independent game studio based in Amsterdam founded by Jonathan Barbosa Dijkstra. Together with handpicked talented individuals, Frambosa sets off to develop fresh, juicy and passionately hand-squeezed games.


Currently we are working on Sneaksneak, a 2D cooperative sneaking game for those of you who don’t shy away from a good challenge. During GDC, an early build of Sneaksneak will be playable on a Retro Space arcade cabinet at INDIGO, which will be located just a couple of blocks from Moscone Center. Check out the Sneaksneak website for more info.




We also have an unannounced mobile game under development which we will be bringing with us to GDC. If you want to give our extremely early build of the game a go, be sure to tap us on the shoulder and ask! Also, We’ll be bringing neato Frambosa stickers to cheer up your dull laptop or forehead, so you might just want to tap us on the shoulder anyway.


Before we let you go, let’s give you some advice. Subscribe to our RSS feed, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Good advice right? You won’t regret it.




- Jonathan